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Company policy

  • The price conditions of the buyout, or the takeover of the company for a fee, are purely individual, so do not hesitate to contact us with your request, we will submit an individual offer to everyone based on the analysis.
  • In relation to clients, the quality of the services provided is decisive for us.
  • We strive to constantly improve our procedures and services, the largest possible number of workers are activated in the development of the company, each according to the scope of their work and their capabilities.
  • We are constantly recruiting people to improve the team. Everything that happens in the company is recorded and subsequently measured, according to which the individual's assessment is created. Evaluation is ongoing and continuous. 80-90% of co-workers are classified as successful.
  • Our team is trained and interchangeable. In the absence of one co-worker, his activities are performed by others so that the client does not have to wait.
  • If an error occurs, we resolve it immediately where it occurred. If anything seems broken it needs to be changed immediately, we want to be the first to know bad news. Errors are not penalized, but are analyzed to reveal the origin of the error and improve the process to eliminate future possible errors.
  • The company offers employees an environment of increased demands, where everyone has a chance to improve and modernize. Each participating employee participates in solving challenging tasks by expressing their opinion and thereby actively participates in corporate development. Employees who spend working time scrolling on their phones will not last more than 1 week in our environment.
  • We reward increased demands with high care for people. We reward financially, organize corporate and educational events. Compensation is done individually based on actual merit.
  • By creating work content tailored to individual employees, we try to ensure that they enjoy their work. If the change does not help and the co-worker does not like going to work, he is recommended to change his job.

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