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Our employees

ALTAXO was founded in 2013 and currently consists of more than 40 internal and external employees.

We have headquarters in Prague and branches in Brno and Bratislava.

Below you can familiarize yourself with the management of our company:

Přemysl Kubáň

Founder and Chairman of the Board

Mr. Ing. Kubáň is the founder of the company. He now holds a consulting position in solving the company's strategic issues.

Mariya Marchuk


Ms. Marchuk was appointed to the position of CEO in May 2020 and is responsible for the organization and operation of the ALTAXO - Business Services division.

Iva Coufal Kubáňová

Company manager

Email: kubanova@altaxo.cz

phone: +420 731 527 646

Mrs. Ing. Thanks to her lifelong experience, she provides clients with expert advice in the field of accounting.

She is also responsible for the organization and functioning of the ALTAXO division - Accounting and tax consulting.

If you are interested in bookkeeping through our company, you can contact Mrs. Ing. Kubaňova.

Ivana Pitrová

Manager of sales of virtual offices and permanent residences

Email: pitrova@altaxo.cz

phone: +420 731 656 811

Mrs. Pitrová has experience across all the services we provide, and now she is mainly responsible for solving issues of virtual residences and permanent residences.

You can contact her in case of questions about volume discounts or cooperation offers.

Daniela Krišková

Manager for Slovakia

Email: kriskova@altaxo.sk

phone: +421 948 185 178

Mrs. Krišková provides services and cooperation in the territory of Slovakia. It specializes not only in Slovak but also in Czech services, which you can use at our branch in Bratislava.

Lucie Jará

Head of the branch in Brno

Email: jara@altaxo.cz

phone: +420 607 066 350

Lucie Jará focuses on company acquisitions, is responsible for the operation of the entire branch in Brno.

Kateřina Ševčíková

Sales Manager

Email: sevcikova@altaxo.cz

phone: +420 735 751 850

Kateřina Ševčíková is in charge of virtual offices, permanent residences, establishment and sale of companies. He also takes care of English-speaking clients.

Tereza Jeřábková

Back office manager

Email: jerabkova@altaxo.cz

Her main work is the preparation of documents, communication with the notary, courts and other authorities.

Valentin Potapov

Chief Accountant

Email: potapov@altaxo.cz

phone: +420 733 251 388

Valentin manages and organizes the work of other accountants, provides professional advice, trains colleagues and conducts inspections. She also prepares tax returns, performs regular monthly checks in financial accounting and communicates with clients.

Tadeáš Král

Independent accountant

Email: kral@altaxo.cz

phone: +420 273 139 709

Tadeáš processes accounting for technology-oriented clients, at the same time ensures various registrations, communicates with authorities and solves administrative and operational matters.

Anna Antalovci

Independent accountant

Email: antalovci@altaxo.cz

phone: +420 273 139 068

He is in charge of clients dealing with the sale of goods to the EU and third countries, and also specializes in real estate and land accounting.

Kateryna Onopriienko

Independent accountant

Email: onopriienko@altaxo.cz

phone: +420 273 130 295

It handles the accounting of clients who deal with gastronomy, services and sales of goods to the EU and third countries.

Lucie Hadáčková


Email: hadackova@altaxo.cz

phone: +420 273 139 708

Mrs. Ing. Hadáčková specializes in accounting for companies and self-employed persons engaged in construction works and transport services.

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